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After a divorce, it may be necessary for the noncustodial parent to provide financial support to the custodial parent in order to support the living expenses of their child. Child support is a very important part of a divorce settlement and the amount of child support will be mostly based on what the net income is of the noncustodial parent. Other factors may be considered as well, including day care or school expenses, medical insurance costs and living arrangements. Although there are parents who are able to come to an agreement in terms of how much child support will be paid, it is important to have an experienced child support attorney to ensure that the agreement is fair.

Child support will ultimately be decided by the court and the court will take the child’s best interest into account. If child support is not followed by the noncustodial parent, it can cause serious problems for the child and the custodial parent. If child support is violated, there will be serious consequences under the Illinois court system. The exact consequence will depend on the situation, but the punishment could include money judgments, wage garnishment and possible incarceration. If your former spouse has not fulfilled their financial obligations for your child, Tristano & Tristano, Ltd. can help you.

There may be certain situations that arise that could require a modification to the amount of child support. In order to make an alteration to the child support agreement, there will need to be proof that there is a significant reasons for the agreement to be changed. The following is a list of reasons why a modification can be requested:

  • Change in employment status

  • Change in financial status

  • Change in a parent’s health condition

  • Change in the needs of the child

If you find that you are experiencing one of these changes, Tristano & Tristano, Ltd. have proficient family law attorneys who can provide you with legal representation to petition to court to modify your current child support agreement.

Illinois Child Support Attorneys

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