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The division of marital assets is often one of the most complex and emotionally draining issues to resolve. There are a lot of financial items that need to be considered, especially in high net worth divorces. It can be difficult and frustrating to divide the property and former spouses often have a hard time figuring out what is considered shared “marital” property and what is “non-marital” property. This can make it very challenging to divide the property equally. In order to simplify the process, you should contact the experienced property division attorneys at Tristano & Tristano, Ltd.

No matter how you contributed to the family and the home, your contribution and investment should be recognized when dividing the property. Our firm has vast experience in assisting individuals and families with their property division and any other matters pertaining to their divorce. We will invest the time to learn about your specific situation and will inform you of your legal rights during the property division process and will help you to find the best resolution when dividing the marital property.

When we look into your individual finances and the finances you shared when you were married, we will be looking for any hidden assets and we will help to negotiate an agreement between both parties. The types of assets that will need to be divided may include:

  • Bank accounts

  • Collectibles and memberships

  • Deferred income

  • Inheritances

  • Real estate

  • Retirement income

  • Stocks, stock options and bonds

If there was a prenuptial agreement during your marriage or if you are looking to challenge a prenuptial agreement, we can help. We will be a fierce advocate for you and we will help you to get the best outcome possible.

Illinois Property Division Attorneys

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